V12 & Classic Engine Sales & Rebuilds

All classic car engines rebuilt to exacting standards.


A typical engine rebuild of an E Type V12 is £8000.

It is completely stripped, chemically cleaned and meticulously rebuilt. We renew, as standard, crankshells, timing chain and tensioner, pistons and liners, valves and springs. Both heads are skimmed,  carburettors stripped and rebuilt.

Fasteners are electroplated, pulleys, brackets etc are powdercoated.

The heads, carburettors and many other parts are vapour blasted. See the picture above.  

Additionally, we rebuild 6 cylinder engines to the same specification for £5900.


We supply used engines, chemically cleaned, checked and renovated where necessary or to your specification.


We will rebuild your car engine to an exceptional standard, and collect and return your engine within 200 miles free of charge.


If you wish to buy one of our completed engines, we will be pleased to take yours in part exchange, as long as it is serviceable.


Additionally, we supply V12's built to show standard as shown in various images on our site.