Classic Car Restoration Services

E Type Jaguar restoration is our speciality. We now have a 5000sq ft facility to increase our capacity and reduce our timescales. A typical, full nut and bolt restoration will take no longer than 9 months. We currently have 19 E Type restorations in progress. No obligation quotations given from photographs or personal visit.

Pricing varies between £65,000 and £100,000 including vat, depending on the initial condition of your car and the upgrades required. But all our restorations are built to the same impeccable standard. 

This is the condition of the car above when it arrived in February 2018. 

The car was then completely dismantled

On our metal shop jig having remedial body work carried out.

Paint removed and an epoxy etch primer applied

In the paint shop.

The customer specified Gunmetal with a 55% matting agent, so no shiny gloss!. 

The engine and 5 speed gearbox ready to be fitted.

Rebuild in progress!

Rebuild almost completed

Restoration completed August 2018