Rear Suspension Unit Rebuild

A rebuilding service for your rear suspension unit. Your unit is completely stripped, and rebuilt with all major non wearing components powder coated in black gloss and fasteners replaced with stainless steel equivalents and electroplating of handbrake mechanism.

Replacement parts are : Renewal of the 4 universal joints, inner and outer wheel bearings, inner and and outer fulcrum bearings, replacement of the 4 shock absorbers and springs, replacement of brake discs, pads, brake calipers, handbrake pads, retaining pins, forks, stainless braided flexi hose, new brake pipes, 4 cradle mountings and new radius arms and differential front seal. 
Differential is fully reconditioned by a specialist transmission company.
Palletised collection and delivery is included.
Upgrades of brake calipers to 4 pot, discs, pads, polybush radius arms, remote brake blleding system and shock absorbers are available. 
Turnaround time 4 weeks.

Cost of rebuild £3950 plus vat